Zirconia Fixed Bridge - Farmington, NY

New Teeth that
Look and Feel Real

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A Superior Alternative
to Dentures and Hybrids

Suppose you’re considering replacing your missing teeth or are looking for an alternative to dentures. In that case, we provide one of the best solutions today: full mouth dental implants, a zirconia fixed bridge in Farmington, NY. Leaders in implant dentistry, including our experienced dental team at The Dental Implant Center, consider this the superior tooth replacement solution due to its unparalleled functional and esthetic results. Fully customized to your smile, this fixed bridge of teeth is fabricated from a solid block of zirconia, one of the strongest materials in dentistry.

Zirconia is biocompatible and naturally tooth-colored. Unlike acrylic dentures and even other full arch options, zirconia full mouth dental implants won’t stain, chip, or break. They also provide permanent function and beauty, just like (and often better than) healthy natural teeth. A zirconia fixed bridge secured by dental implants is one of the best choices for permanently replacing your failing or missing teeth!

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Why Choose a Zirconia Fixed Bridge?

  • Natural-looking appearance
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Stain and odor resistant
  • Biocompatible and nonporous
  • Precision designed for you
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Supporting Long-Term Function

Your zirconia fixed bridge has exceptional strength comparable to natural teeth needed for proper biting and chewing food for years to come. These bridges have incredible strength and durability from how they’re fabricated—from one solid piece of zirconia. Zirconia bridges are made from a material with similar physical properties to titanium metal but with esthetic properties that offer attractive results.

Traditional dentures and some hybrids are made by securing porcelain teeth into an acrylic base, essentially plastic. Zirconia bridges eliminate the weaknesses common with the two-material design of these traditional solutions. Your zirconia fixed bridge will withstand everyday wear and tear and offer significantly strong bite forces without fracturing. When permanently attached to dental implants, this system will help ensure your jawbone remains stimulated and healthy.

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Permanently Restoring Smile Aesthetics

In addition to its strength, a bridge made from zirconia has the color and translucency of natural teeth. These features are currently unmatched by any other material in dentistry today. We customize this restoration to your smile specifications and to complement your facial features, gum and lip line, and even your skin tone. Your new teeth will also be custom colored to match your natural gums and shaded to the desired brightness.

Unlike acrylic and porcelain materials, the smooth and polished surface of the zirconia material will feel comfortable against your gums and resist staining. If you receive a zirconia fixed bridge in Farmington, NY, from our skilled cosmetic dentist, you can expect your brilliant new smile to last for decades—no one will know they aren’t natural teeth!

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How Much Do Zirconia Bridges Cost?

We offer zirconia fixed bridges in Farmington, NY, because we’ve seen the life-changing effects full arch dental implants with natural-looking restorations can have on our patients. Always striving to offer the latest techniques and technology to transform lives, we knew we couldn’t compromise on the materials we made available to you. Although a more expensive option than other less esthetic solutions, the cost of our zirconia bridge is immediately matched by its durability and longevity.

If you choose a zirconia bridge, you can expect decades of confidence when eating, speaking, and smiling. You can also expect us to make this treatment as affordable as possible. Partnering with insurance providers and third-party financing companies, we make payments easy and achievable. If you’re considering other options for replacing your teeth, don’t decide before completing a consultation with our team!